Set Chatties
Number 552
Species Boinging Blabbermouth
Rarity Ultra-Rare
Figure Series Upmteen
Release Date  !th !ember 201!
! the Boinging Blabbermouth is an ultra-rare moshling in the Chatties (orginally Dotties) set in Moshi Monsters, along with "...", "xD" and "the stupid laugh crying emoji face" (not toshi omfg). They are a punctuation mark, I wonder if you can guess which!

In this animation, ! bounces about and in this interactive animation he bounces so much that lots of baby exclamation marks come out of his head! !! !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buster Goes... Mobile!Edit

Don't exclaim, it's just a Boinging Blabbermouth! These energetic Moshlings are so chatty they just never stop! And chatting means bouncing, they bounce all day and bounce all night! Whether you're keeping up with your favourite monsters or creating a super piece for the Daily Growl news crew, you'll need a helping hand from these Blabbermouths! However, use these Moshlings too much and they'll bounce away! Boing!

The 2027 AnnualEdit

Yo peeps! Remember !?! Confused? Excessive use worn him out! wow! stupid kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • "1" - Father
  • "Shift" - Mother
  • "?" - ?????
  • "..." - Best friends (lol made a funny face :)))))
  • ";" - deepest darkest enemy of them all
  • "k" - close by neighbour who they ultimately deepsise due to the fact they are so rude. Each time ! tries to make contact with k they are very dismissive as they'd rather just get back inside watching reality TV obsessed with large behinds - but that's a whole other story (not even a story but ye ok).


As long as there's a Mini Moshfone for every monster, you'll see these talkative Moshlings hanging around Monstro City, helping monsters to finish their sentences with a boing..! (which is quite weird actually seeing as they live inside other people?????)


Exclamation Egglant along with any 2 other seeds. But where does the "Exclamation Eggplant" come from, I hear you say? Well the Exclamation Eggplant seed comes from the Series 4 Moshlings Collection. Series 4? Yup, Series 4. They are super secret and due to their extreme limited quantity you must ask the store manager for one in Clintons!


Boingful, boingly, boing-boing-boinging!


Energy drinks and bouncy castles.


Everyone Excessive use and wet ground.

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