Set Toomies
Number Unknown
Species Swifting Sphynx
Rarity Rare
 Atum is a Moshling from the Toomies, resembling Bastet or Bast, an Egyptian Cat Goddess.


Mrowr! – These fast footed moshlings always get away when they get caught red handed (or should I say, red pawed) scratching couches. Despite their royal appearances, they’re actually just a bunch of wannabees, with golden food colouring and Inka Inka Juice to paint random Egyptian symbols and the Eye of Caw-hawrus on their hair, all kinds of moshlings will bow to them in one meow!


Mischievous, eavesdropper, nitpicky


secret tunnels & Hieroglyphs


bronze and Barking RahRahs


According to the legends, these spotted shenanigans can heal any kinds of sicknesses when treated correctly. That’s why clinics all around the world hire them as nurses! But, their original habitat is located at the Sahairy Desert, which they nicknamed as “The Biggest Sandbox in the World”.

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