• Master of Cheeks


    I might move my series (The Chronicles of Symphonia) over to its own wiki!

    The reason is that I want my own "space" for TCoS, since my series is quite large and complicated...

    I created it here:

    I'll keep up most of the pages here for reference.

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  • Amy0501

    Moshlings Adopts

    March 20, 2018 by Amy0501

    Diva Swimsuit Poodle (Swimsuities) Owned By User:Mariojoe11

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  • SkyePawPatrol

    Please say a moshling you made that should be drawn in comments! I'm gonna post your pictures when i am done with you picture. Stay tuned for more info!

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  • Mariojoe11


    Just a quick heads up, I have decided I would like to draw some of your Moshlings. If you want me to do this, comment here with your Moshling's name, and either an image of the moshling or a detailed description of them. Please note that this can take from a few days to weeks. 

    Joe - Talk - Edits 

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  • Mariojoe11

    Hey everyone!

    It's come so fast! We're ready to start the next Moshling of the Month!

    We'll need your help, though.

    If you have a Moshling creation you love here, comment your favourite creation of your own below. Then, it will be added to a poll later today or tomorrow where you guys have a Month to vote for the favourite creation!

    The winner will get the perks seen on Medison's page.

    If we don't get enough people's Moshlings, we may use some of our creations (Picz, Atum etc) in the vote.

    Good Luck!

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  • Luke the Mac Lover


    I created staff templates like the ones on the main wiki. o/

    • can be inserted using .

    The picture depends on who is the current Featured Creation.

    Please do not misuse these templates and put them on pages they shouldn't be on.

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  • Mariojoe11


    July 17, 2014 by Mariojoe11

    Hey all,

    Just a quick update on what's going on.

    Yep, you heard it, Rarity Categories are live!

    This means:

    Common Moshlings , Uncommon Moshlings , Rare Moshlings and Ultra-Rare Moshlings .

    We've added these categories onto every Moshling page out there!

    • For set categories use -
    • Category for Moshlings in the ________ set on Moshi Monsters.

    So please carry this trend on by adding a rarity and a rarity category :)

    Before we start, I'd like to thank everyone for contributing their Moshlings into the Moshling Of The Month poll!

    Medison, made by Toast With The Most, won! congrats, Toast!

    You'll see Medison around the site, a lot.

    For everyone else, voting will re-open July 31st!

    Recently, we added the Visual Editor.

    It shown to be quite unpopular, so unfortua…

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  • Toast With The Most

    Hello, it's Toast c: 

    So, if you have checked the new jazzed-up homepage, we have this new thing called Featured Creation of the Month, where you can enter your custom Moshling and users will vote. Since it's all new and no one really knows about it, I made this blogpost, so if you have a Moshling creation you are proud of... go on and comment here, and Joe or somebody will add you to the list!

    have a nice day ty

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  • Sefelic 3D

    Upcoming notice

    June 7, 2014 by Sefelic 3D

    It has been a long time since this wiki has been created, but there will be some pretty big changes soon. 

    Me and the crats have decided that we're going to let other users run the wiki, seeing as the crats don't actually make any fan creations. 

    The 3 new users who will be in charge of this wiki are

    PepperSupreme, Mariojoe11 and JeânIsAHorse, aka Pepper, Joe and Clumsy.

    The crats will still be here to check regularly and help out but overall, editing and improving the wiki will be up to them.

    Good luck, Sefelic 3D My Talk! 13:14, June 22, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Brandon the Klaine Lover
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  • Thomas290904


    August 15, 2013 by Thomas290904

    100 edits

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  • Sefelic 3D

    Hiya, just noting that I have changed the Wiki's color and background. The color has been changed to make it look more MM like and the background has been changed to the Design-a-Moshling Contest entries so it shows that this Wiki is about Fan Creations. 

    Anyways, Have Fun!

    Bureaucrat: Sefelic 3D

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  • BenAdventureBear

    Hello, it's Ben. I was wondering, do we want a new design? I'll give you a link to it [1]. It is a more green theme, like Moshi Monsters. Please say which you prefer and do NOT edit on the other. I will then ask for permission to change it. Ben

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  • Poko the cheese lover

    im drawing charecters in tv form please note that will be a pencil\pen drawing

    i will try to get the pictures up

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  • Extrememoshi1

    Let's see

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  • JeânIsAHorse

    MonStar Avatars!

    April 7, 2013 by JeânIsAHorse

    I created my monster "Danny", on Paint and put him on my avatar! Who wants 1 too? :p

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  • CocoYoYo

    Hey guys, you might remember I did requests on the other wiki, I am now doing them on here! Plus I have a new paint software to make them with! I will make a page of them after drawing them. :)

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  • BenAdventureBear

    Hello, I'm wondering if I can do anyone a moshling request. Below are the ones I've done.

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  • Tyger5000

    They are my creations and by putting them on your userpage is stealing unless you credit. Even if you are going to credit them, still dont add them. They are mine and do not belong to anyone else, Thank You.

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  • Anthonyhat

    mr see is a 2014 moshling

    February 23, 2013 by Anthonyhat

    mr see is a moshling coming up in 2014 he may not becuse he may not win the 2013 moshling design contest 

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  • Extrememoshi1

    Option 1:Grapeling

    Option 2:Rose

    Option 3:Wineling

    Comment 1, 2,or 3

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  • Extrememoshi1


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  • BenAdventureBear


    December 30, 2012 by BenAdventureBear

    Welcome to the Moshi Monsters Fan Creations Wiki! Here you can add moshlings you made with no trouble about using room in the photos! Well, you use room in the photos but the point is you can add made-up-moshlings and make them a page and everything!

    8pppuıɯɐɾuǝq (talk)

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  • DA151874

    My Moshling Creations 1

    December 24, 2012 by DA151874

    Now taking requests! i will try and add everyones, but you must include the name, species name, and what set you want it to be in.


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