Here are all the songs:

Track 1: In Winter By: Graice and the snowing snowballs 2:28 seconds

Track 2: Places!!! by: Roary and the Super Monstro Cityers 5:30 seconds

Track 3: Katsuma! by: Katsuma and the ninja Bettys 0:45 seconds

Track 4: Furi: Do the Furi stomp! by: Furi loves pets! 2:49 seconds

Track 5: Oddie, A silly little doughnut by: On his own: The little bitty taste of the foodies! 1:03 seconds

Track 6: Berry Power!! by: Nipper and friends: Into the city! 2:37 seconds

Track 7: Foodies! By: Mr.Moshi and Spookygirl's Moshlings Band!! 3:05 seconds

Track 8: Rox Rain Rainbow By: Poppet and Pooky: Not the right word to say P! 2:27 seconds

Track 9: Again! Again! by: You are taking rock to long, Zommer! 10:48 seconds

Track 10: Tippy Top Trop Trap! by: Topsy Turvy's Songs 4:39 seconds

Track 11: Blingo, The Shine Time! by: Blingin' Blings! 8:20 seconds

Track 12: I Love Baby Moshlings! by: The Adventures Of Poppet And Friends! 3:28 seconds

Track 13: The Adventures of Poppet And Friends Theme Song by: Poppet And Her Band 1:30 seconds

Track 14: Cooking Up Poppet's Sweet Story! by: Chef Poppet 2:38 seconds

Track 15: Trapped In The Factory by: Sweet's Tooth Sweet Chaos 1:48 seconds

Track 16: The No Escape From Sweet Tooth Boogie! by: The Disco Boogies 7:36 seconds

Track 17: Zommer's Drolling; You Better Watch Out! by: RAR! 5:28 seconds

Track 18: Moshi Monsters Lullaby by Nursing Company 0:43 seconds

Bonus: Instrument Version Of In Winter and I Love Baby Moshlings!Sing-Along (Only on CD) and Instrument Version of Rox Rain Rainbow and Places!!! Sing-Along(Only On DVD).

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