Katsuma slurped at his Bongo Colada.

"Sighhhh..." Katsuma growled. "I should have been there to knock the screws outta that bobbing machine!"

Poppet was making tea.

"Oh Katsuma..." Poppet began. "One day..."

"One more day!" Katsuma added.

He pointed at all of his Super Moshi badges.

He had all but one.

The Super Moshi badge.

"Elder says I have earned it. He said he left it in his sock drawer somewhere. Curse those sock-swagglers!" Katsuma chopped his carton of Bongo Colada.

He sprung in the air, knocking tons of assortments of fine dishes and cups down, doing his "world famous" Hii Ya Hurricane! 

That wasn't the first time.

Poppet gave a speechless look.

"Those plates-" her lips could barely move.

"Gotta get that badge! See ya, Poppet!"

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