Flower 1
Flo the Flower Power Pot is a rare Moshling in the Natures set.

Seed Combo

Pink Crazy Dasiy, Any color Snap Apple, Red Dragon Fruit.


Flower Power! I can see why Flower Power Pots are lovable. Well say hi to Flo! 

Mini Bio

Flower Power! I can see why Flower Power pots are lovable. Cute!


Painting her pot, Art class, Going to the garden.


Her flowers dying, Losing her paint, Missing art.

There things

Artictac, Lovable, Cute


(The All Moshlings Book) Made powerfully at a art factory, Or you can see Flowers Power Pots paint in Paintasic island.

(In The Game) You can see Flower Powers Pots paint in Paintastic island.


Every day when it is art, She goes to school and do art.

She likes going to the garden because she paints flowers there.

She is best friends with Flora.

She has her own art class at school.

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