Horrorscopes is a parody of Horoscopes, they can be seen on the first issue of Moshi Mag.

​Star SignsEdit

  • Fish-ees (Pisces)
  • Scaries (Aries)
  • Snoore-us (Taurus
  • Gemin-eyes (Gemini)
  • Dis-goo Dancer (Cancer)
  • Leo-bot (Leo)
  • Vir-ghost (Virgo)
  • Lib-rat (Libra)
  • Scorpi-toe (Scorpio)
  • Sagit-hairus (Sagittarius)
  • Capri-cauldron (Capricorn)
  • A-squirt-ius (Aquarius)
  • Ophio-gross (Ophiucus)

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