Hoshi Humans is a Moshi Monsters story following the adventures of the six monsters who end up in a parallel universe where they are humans. totally not an equestria girs knockoff.

Chapter 1 - The BeginningEdit

A normal day in Monstro City would soon change into much more, to the monsters' suprise. Diavlo and Luvli sat on the pavement of Ooh La Lane munching on their ice scream waiting for their friends to arrive. An orange striped cat ran towards them and shouted their names aloud, Diavlo flew up towards them, "Katsuma!" he yelled as they met by the New Houses store.

Luvli soon followed behind holding the ice screams with her magic aurora. "Where's Furi and Zommer?" Diavlo asked, Katsuma trying to catch his breath, then pointed towards the direction he had arrived from. The two flying monsters looked at each other before following Katsuma's directions. He grunted at them as Luvli nervously laughed, dropping the ice screams to the ground and bringing Katsuma along.

Along the way, Katsuma would guide them to where he had come from as he soon caught his breathe and was able to talk. He explained that Poppet had vanished and that Zommer and Furi had waited for her to return. The monsters soon sped up their pace to find out what had happened.

The group finally arrived and met up with the others. There was no need to ask what exactly happened as Furi soon told the story from his point of view.

"Well.. err, we were all on our way to Ooh La Lane to meet up with you, and we got some food from the dinner. Mmm... I could really do with another five slices of roarberry cheesecake, and maybe a few more trashcan suprises- I mean, Poppet waited outside for us because she brought her own sandwhiches. I saw Zommer pick up a bottle of Wobble-Ade from the vending machine and then join Poppet outside."

Zommer then conitued..

"So me and Poppet liked totally rocked it, I showed off my air guiar skills before a pil'e of pink dust spun around Poppet, then I realized it was actully her, she became dust and completely vanished, dudes..."

Chapter 2 -  Finding a wayEdit

Zommer mentioned that he and Furi had left the pile of dust outside the dinner. Luvli face-palmed at them before they hurried to where the pink monster had disappeared. The remains of Poppet lay in front of the diner door, with a small orange monster, covered in a brown cloak, stood next to it.

"This your friend?" it said quickly. Katsuma stepped forward and nodded. "Very well." it replied, "You want friend back?", he nodded again. "Very well.", it handed Katsuma a dusty old book, the cover had fallen off and the pages were ripped, making it barely readable. 

The orange monsters scurried away. blhblahblahlblaaah

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