Rough ideas for a Moshi Karts Video Game.

Playable Characters (* means unlockable)Edit


  • Katsuma
  • Luvli
  • Poppet
  • Diavlo
  • Furi
  • Zommer* (Race in Main Street 5 times to challenge him)
  • Buster Bumblechops
  • Chief Bill (a skin over Bill; unlocks when you complete the game)
  • Dr. Strangeglove
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Fishlips
  • Commander Pong* (obtain a gold rank on all cups)
  • Tamara Tesla
  • Pete and Lila* (Unlock the ability to use two characters at once)
  • Elder Furi* (Skin for Furi; unlocks when game is completed)


  • I.G.G.Y
  • Marcel
  • General Fuzuki* (Complete the first set of cups to challenge him)
  • Chop Chop
  • Long Beard
  • Slurpy (Code comes with his Racer toy)
  • Nipper (A secret code will be distributed online a week after release)
  • Swizzle
  • Hoolio* (Complete the second round of cups)
  • Burnie
  • Shelby* (will be included in series 2 racers)
  • Raffles* (will be included in series 2 racers)


  • Blingo (Code comes with his Racer toy)
  • Zack Binspin
  • Bobbi Singsong
  • Baby Rox
  • Missy Kix
  • Big Bad Bill* (complete 4 cups)
  • Hansel * (Codes come with Food Factory toys)
  • Pooky
  • Mr Snoodle
  • Shi Shi
  • Cocoloco * (Purchase from the store for 300 Rox)
  • Shoney* (Play on Main Street in the hours of 8PM to 10PM.)
  • Fifi* (A ticket can be found on Ooh Lah Lane on Moshi for the unlock code to get her)
  • Fez Owl*(unlock code can be found on Moshling Rescue!)
  • Simon Growl* (Unlock all celebs)

Special Moves (Rarely appear, boosts for your character)Edit


  • Katsuma - High Yah Hurricane (swirls through and captures items and players on the way)
  • Luvli - Sweet Stalk Suction (Grabs and tosses players on the way)
  • Poppet - We Can't Do It (Giant frost lazor freezes the floor for a short time)
  • Diavlo - Hot Tempered Tackle (Opposite to Poppet)


  • Main Street (Can sometimes turn into a dark, ridden with flames version. This is unlocked alongside Shoney).
  • Ooh Lah Lane * (Unlock Fifi)

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