Moshling Dress Up! is a game on the Moshi Games website.

Winter Purdy

Winter Scamp

Winter Lubber

Winter Angel

Winter Iggy

Winter Clump

Winter Dinky

Winter Pops

Winter Lurgee

Winter Tessa

Circus Big Bad Bill

Circus Fizzy

Circus Dr. C Fingz

Circus Fopkin

Circus Blingo

Circus Baby Rox

Circus Linton

Circus Waldo

Circus Gingersnap

Circus Woolly

Buggy Weegul

Buggy Robby

Buggy Doyle

Buggy Marcel Buggy Mr. Snoodle

Buggy Yoyo

Buggy Shelly

Buggy Raffy

Buggy Shambles

Buggy Peppy

Mexican Blossom

Mexican Furnando

Mexican Topsy Turvy

Mexican Gracie

Mexican Jeepers

Mexican Jessie

Mexican Cutie Pie

Casual Gabby

Casual DJ Quack

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