old and new moshlings come for an adventure.P.S im only going to do real moshlings and mine. testy mc gee will appear as a geust appearance.


marcel episode 1, 2, 3 ,5,6,9,10,12,13

raffles 1,3,sp1,5,6,7,910,,12

Dorothy 1 cameo,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,12,sp4

jeepers 1,2,11,12,sp4,13

marky 4,6,7,8,sp3,12.sp4

rooby sp 1,4,sp2,sp3,12,13


dr strangeglove al episodes

pocito 1,2,sp1,4,11,14

fishlips 2,3,sp1,4,5,6,9(mr glumpostomp episode 3),14


crocflash (dance partyyy episode 3

barmy 5,11,sp4,13,14

podge 6,8,sp3,sp4

pirate pong 6,sp2,7,8,sp3,sp4,13,14

U:F:M 7,12

spike 8,9,10,12

squid vicouis 9,10,12,sp4 mentoined,13

the tubby robot sp4 cameo

mr see sp4,13,14

alvin sp4

testy mgee sp3 sp4


1 the beginnig debuts of charecters marcel jeepers shoney rafflles lummox dr strange glove pocito

2 none of youre biscuts  debuts fishlips dorothy

3 dance partyyy debuts crocflash

speacil episode oh rooby debuts rooby

4 fortune time debuts marky

5 barmys troubles debuts barmy

6 more glumps uh oh debuts podge pirate pong

speacil episode oh no aliens

7 U:F:M (undeintefies flying moshling)  DEBUTS U:F:M

8 the unkown moshling debuts spike

9 under the sea debuts squid vicous

SPEACIL EPISODE  rooby returns

10  still trapped under water

11 barmy returns

12 back out of water 

sp4 summer party 

13 trouble in paradise12\6\13

14 attack of mr see 12\6\13

series 2 17\6\13