Picz Transparent

Set Dreamies
Number 42
Species Holder Soldier
Rarity Uncommon
Picz the Holder Soilder is a Moshling resembling a photo frame.

Picz is in the Dreamies set.

Bio (Written by Buster)Edit

Ooh.. Aah.. Oh my, I could sit here watching these Holder Soldiers all day.. They're just so calming! The photos inside of them can change to various different scenarios, each with a handy dandy hypotising substance inside (Which they persumably stole from Higgledy Hypnotisers ), to fend off any keen collectors or Monsters out there who want to display a nice photo with a spray which makes you sleepy and relaxed.. I think I'll stay away from Grouchy Cloudies for now.. Zzz!


Blue Snap Apple, Any Snap Apple, Any Snap Apple

(This is a homage to Mini Ben, who's combo is three Black Snap Apples.)


  • Picz' name is a pun on 'Pic', which is slang for Picture.
  • The photos inside Picz can change to it's desire, however, they can only change to calming photos, hence the connection to Dreamies.