Putty-pie is a Wheelie YumYum and is Cutie Pie's brother who is obsessed with Miniature Golf. 


Set Foodies
Number 091
Species Wheelie YumYum
Rarity Ultra-Rare


Cannot be caught


Not much is known about Putty-pie except for his obsession with Miniature Golf, other than that is that he makes GooTube videos about gaming videos and has almost a million subscribers. Those videos are just mostly boring golf videos, but with his funny narrating. He has become viral.


Holey Hill

Actually just giant puddings with tiny bites taken out of it.

Tragic BackstoryEdit

Putty-pie was a disgrace on his family. His whole family loves racing and competing, but he loves Miniature Golf which is very unlikely. He was going to commit sweetcide but his sister, Cutie Pie has come out that she does not like racing as well, to support his brother. So, both of them were shunned, but once Putty-pie made a GooTube account. Their family accepted them. But, secretly hated them because they were only accepted for being famous. But, as time passes by, their relationship worked out so well in the end.


Funny, selfless, weird


Miniature golf and going on Night Golf Clubs


Racing and underground moles

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