Selena Gnomez

Set Unknown
Number 221
Species China Forgetmenot
Rarity Ultra Rare

Selena Gnomez is a Moshling in the Bloomies set.


Delicate, kind, thoughtful


Say hello to these thoughtful Moshlings who just love gardening and singing. They just can't choose which one is there favourite so they do them at the same time, whilst gardening they sing into they're tools. When they are not gardening whilst singing, these little critters just love having a nice relaxing bath.


China Forgetmenot's usually hang around in the greenhouses of Music Island but sometimes they are spotted singing at concerts in Jollywood.


Gardening and singing.


Unnatural things and smoke.


  • Selena Gnomez is a parody of the famous singer Selena Gomez.
  • She is made to look like a gnome because of her name.

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