Set Smarites
Number 201
Species Smartie Sharper
Rarity Rare
Sharpie the Smartie Sharper is a sharpener Moshling who's in the Smarties set with Cosmo and Pinestein.

Sharpie was designed by Budeyboy5000, she was entered in the 2014 Design a Moshling Contest and was a runner up.


Smartie Sapling Seed + Any Seed + Any Seed


Pencils feeling blunt? Well, Smartie Sharpers won't be able to help! The little pencils in their heads get stuck, even ask the silly Monsters who stuck one in. Smartie Sharpers are very smart, they can work out hard mathamatics in their head in under 5 seconds!


  • Maths
  • Scoffing her face with cakes


  • Clumsy Monsters
  • Calculators


  • Geeky
  • Cute
  • Funny

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