Starry the Active Asterisk is a Common Moshling in the Spacies set, resembling an asterisk.



Set Spacies
Number 404
Species Active Asterisk
Rarity Common


The Amazie Daisy can be obtained through using the code: "H7G8NDN90KFE", as confirmed with the Outer Space Playset.


Zzing! These bubbly Moshlings are constantly flying around, dancing with their magical liquorice canes. Literally! Occasionally they can be found dancing around on stage on The Z Factor: Superstars, impressing Amanda Molden and any other judges. I myself have visited one of these auditions, and it truly is amazing! I managed to get a few snapshots of one of the Moshlings, and mailed it to the local Daily Growl newspaper, headlined "SUPERSTAR OR SUPERFAR", and they spelt my name wrong. Oh well, these Moshlings aren't exactly Wishing stars.


Most Active Asterisks are found wacking rocks, showing their Superstar strength, but I once spotted one hiding behind the stages of The Z Factor, looking generally superstar confident.



Watching themselves on TV and stealing the show.


Bad snapshots taken by myself and getting a "Nine out of Ten".


  • The word "Asterisk" used in its name is just referring to another meaning for "star", not like the actual punctuation mark.
  • Their eyes are a pun, purposely shaped like the moon.

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