Now taking requests! i will try and add everyones, but you must include the name, species name, and what set you want it to be in.


  • Splish the Wishful Plip Plop
  • Silus the Sparkling Cider
  • Tipsy the Silly Spillin Refresher


  • Brantan the Artful Zoom Zoom [Made for Brandon the Klaine Lover]
  • Yolki the Boiled Boffin [Made for Yolka Crazy!]
  • Vege-Mike the Wavey Pastey [Made for Chatty Van Talk]
  • Mr. Sparkle the Terrific Tasty Toast [Made for Toast With The Most]


  • CoCo the Crazy Cup 'o' Joe


  • Jax the Gruesome Garbage
  • Carlos the Trembling Trashcan


  • Choco the Deluxe Delight

  • Leeky the Brussle-Sprout Beauty
  • Ramon the Crunchy Carrot
  • Getto the Parfait Pizza-mato

  • Handyman the Grabbing Gloveling
  • Wood the Comfortable Clothing
  • Jumpies the Smiling Superbuttons

  • Whirl the Flashy Flyer
  • Squirllex the Dubstep Ferret
  • B2 the Rockin Bouncer

  • Bandy the Bruiseless Baind-Aid
  • Valshake the Shaking Saltcano
  • Tumple the Wobbly Tetrisblock

Fighties  [Full]
  • Armor the Nighttime Knight
  • Glovely the Boxing Glovette
  • Nike Tyson the Bashing Boxershoe
  • TaiChi the Kung Fu Kitten

Eaties [Full]
  • Ham the Yummy Meatling
  • Split the Banana Boy
  • Tic Tic the Tasty Tic Tac
  • Chad the Appley Athlete

Happies [Full]
  • Bow the Ravishing Rainbow
  • Flapjack the Sparkly Shinemarker
  • Chuck the Cocky Chick
  • Smiley the Birthday Puffhat

  • Kevin the Musical Masterpiece
  • Harper the Orchestra Oink-Oink
  • Jose the Bewildering TweetTweet

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