Hey all,

Just a quick update on what's going on.

Rarity Categories

Yep, you heard it, Rarity Categories are live!

This means:

Common Moshlings , Uncommon Moshlings , Rare Moshlings and Ultra-Rare Moshlings .

We've added these categories onto every Moshling page out there!

  • For set categories use -
  • Category for Moshlings in the ________ set on Moshi Monsters.

So please carry this trend on by adding a rarity and a rarity category :)


Before we start, I'd like to thank everyone for contributing their Moshlings into the Moshling Of The Month poll!

Medison, made by Toast With The Most, won! congrats, Toast!

You'll see Medison around the site, a lot.

For everyone else, voting will re-open July 31st!

Visual Editor

Recently, we added the Visual Editor.

It shown to be quite unpopular, so unfortuantley we have removed it.

New Layout

Soon, we should be having a new layout, consisting of a different background etc.

This has not been fully confirmed yet, but keep an eye out!


So I shall end this off by saying thanks to all you wonderful people who make these sweet Moshlings and Missions, etc! Thank you so much, and keep them up!

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