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    Upcoming notice

    June 7, 2014 by Sefelic 3D

    It has been a long time since this wiki has been created, but there will be some pretty big changes soon. 

    Me and the crats have decided that we're going to let other users run the wiki, seeing as the crats don't actually make any fan creations. 

    The 3 new users who will be in charge of this wiki are

    PepperSupreme, Mariojoe11 and Je├ónIsAHorse, aka Pepper, Joe and Clumsy.

    The crats will still be here to check regularly and help out but overall, editing and improving the wiki will be up to them.

    Good luck, Sefelic 3D My Talk! 13:14, June 22, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Sefelic 3D

    Hiya, just noting that I have changed the Wiki's color and background. The color has been changed to make it look more MM like and the background has been changed to the Design-a-Moshling Contest entries so it shows that this Wiki is about Fan Creations. 

    Anyways, Have Fun!

    Bureaucrat: Sefelic 3D

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