Set Flashies
Number 232
Species Humorous Hoodie
Rarity Ultra-rare

Wup the Humorous Hoodie is an Ultra-rare Moshling in the Flashies set, resembling a hoodie.

Combo Edit

Red Dragon Fruit, Blue Love Berries, Purple Love Berries/ Season 10 Mission 3: Danger!

Bio Edit

Wassup dawg? Humorous Hoodies love "chillin' out" with their mates, eating fish and chips. When they are not busy buying the latest trends, these cool little Moshlings enjoy spraypainting on walls "WUP WOZ HEERE", dipping their glow-in-the-dark hoodies in the paint. It's all trendy, and I must admit Humorous Hoodies' slang is far too "wicked" for an old-timer like me, although I did ask one to teach me some toe-tapping dance moves. Big mistake because I was tripping over to the fabulous moves!

Habitat Edit

These Moshlings are usually found spraypainting on walls in dark alleys but occasionally are found near "The Great Lake of Okay-ish Land", well it's more of a pond really, but don't tell them that.

Traits Edit

Personality: mirthful, inarticulate, tender.

Likes Edit

Glow-in-the-dark spraypaint and canned Bongo Colada.

Dislikes Edit

Glasses and coffee.